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Case Study

Marketing, Senior-Level Resume

marketing resume


Due to rapid changes in the regulatory environment around her product, Jill found herself seeking a new opportunity as her unicorn startup began scaling-back their footprint outside of California. As a Tesla alum and leader of multi-million-dollar campaigns, Jill wanted to be picky with her next role. She applied to several top choices and was frustrated to receive standardized rejection letters.



Jill is highly-technical in her approach to marketing, yet her resume suffered from broad summary and didn’t track the vital metrics that data-driven startups are hungry for. In addition, we discovered that her ATS score was extremely low; low enough to be automatically rejected. Her original resume was structured in a way that content was lost or incorrectly displayed between operating systems.



Jill began receiving interviews immediately upon leading with her new resume (according to her, “Five in one week!”). She was able to hold out for a higher salary in her target market with an AgTech company.


Pay boost:



Title Before:

Senior Manager, Brand

Title After:

Senior Manager, Brand

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