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Data-driven resume writing that wins.

Combining expert resume writing with tech to win the job faster than ever before.

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May the Best Candidate Win.

You’re looking for a job. Or maybe you’d like to improve your visibility. You’re not alone. Every day, job seekers apply to top companies like Google. Out of those, only 0.2% will go on for a review by a real person in HR. Would you pass the test?

It’s Not You, It’s The Hiring Robots.

Why do so few candidates pass the test during a job search?


It’s not your skills or experience that’s holding you back from an interview. Often, it’s technical aspects of your resume that aren’t a fit.

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What Are Applicant Tracking Systems, Anyway?

Over 90% of jobs listed online are fronted by hiring technology otherwise known as ATS (“applicant tracking systems”).


Companies invest millions of dollars in resources to find a match, however, they continue to filter the wrong ones. Often elements from a job description provide hints at what the system is looking for during an application.

How ATS Prioritizes Candidates.

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So, what is ATS looking for?

ATS maps hard skills listed in a job description to your resume. If you have these traits, you pass.

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Are these systems fair?

62% of companies using an ATS admit “some qualified candidates are likely being automatically filtered out,” according to a joint CareerArc/Future Workplace survey.

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How picky on resume format?

Some applicant tracking systems have trouble reading serif fonts such as Times New Roman or Cambria.

Join hundreds of clients who have won the job
faster than ever before.

Josh Bersin, principal at HR consulting firm Bersin by Deloitte mentions, “Most companies have thousands of resumes sitting in a database that they’ve never looked at.”


In fact, 75% are never seen by a real person.

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Meet Our Founder

Nicholas has a rare perspective as both a Fortune 500 hiring manager and an executive career strategist. He designed Resume Atelier to fuse together content strategy, competitive analysis, and data science to ensure that your ATS resume passes hiring scans and flows directly to HR. He believes in offering much more than career advice.

Nicholas, Founder & CSO

Nicholas holds his Bachelors in Applied Economics, cum laude, from Cornell University.

How We Write Career-Changing Resumes.

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We analyze your industry,
target role, and current resume.

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You provide feedback to our
structured collaboration.

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We deliver an ATS resume draft
for your approval.


We have an unparalleled track record of client placement across virtually all industries.



We use sophisticated technology to 2x your competitiveness.



In under 6 business days, we're able to deliver an optimized, ATS friendly resume & LinkedIn profile.

How We Can Help You Succeed.

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Increase your salary
by 17%.

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Reduce the duration of your search.

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Streamline your interactions with recruiters.

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Eliminate frustrating automatic rejections.

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Level-up within your own organization
from associate to manager, to C suite.

Data Backed Reporting

We display “before and after” ATS scores from our proprietary models. We guarantee that we'll double your ATS score.

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Pay Boost

We see an average increase of 17% in our executive clients’ annual salaries.

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Enjoy dramatic growth in quality LinkedIn traffic to your profile.



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We consulted with over 200 executive resume clients in 2021 with a combined salary of $30 million.

Our Results: By The Numbers

seth testimonial

Seth V.

Sr. Director, Operations

Nicholas and his team are very knowledgeable of all things resumes and LinkedIn including ATS (applicant tracking system) optimization, profile updates, keywords, and cover letters. They delivered everything on schedule and as expected. I'm happy to recommend Resume Atelier for professional resume writing services.

karla testimonial

Karla K.

SVP, Customer Success

Nicholas took the time to understand my goals and what I wanted to achieve. I liked that he focused on new opportunities instead of looking at those that I had previously pursued. I definitely recommend him, because of his help my profile now shows both the progression of my career and what I have achieved in the process.

francesco testimonial

Francesco J.

Associate, FP&A

I highly recommend using Nicholas Crown's service at Resume Atelier. After a single phone call with him I was able to get interviews with great companies such as Amazon. He hosted a webinar on how to beat the ATS and it honestly was the best zoom meeting I had been on during this Covid-19 pandemic! By not utilizing Nick's expertise, you are foregoing a real opportunity to boost your career to a brand new horizon.


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