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Case Study

Commercial Real Estate, Mid-Career Resume

commercial real estate resume


Mike loved working in commercial real estate finance. However, due to pressure from Covid-19, his role at a publicly-traded firm was eliminated. He spent two months applying to jobs, everything he could find, without a single interview. Also, he was ready to leave New York, and try a smaller market that provided him with a major change of pace. He felt totally stuck when he called us for help.



We reset the geographic region on Mike’s search, which often contained smaller firms, with unique job requirements. With his broad experience in mortgages and financial technology, we created a new portfolio to position him as a top choice in his new market. We prioritized his sales skills and soft skills while reducing the footprint of his technical expertise, positioning him as a driven, entrepreneurial asset.



Mike was placed within 32 days from our first phone call. He’s currently happily residing in Phoenix, AZ and earning more money than he was in New York.


Pay boost:



Title Before:

Associate Agent

Title After:

VP Business Development, Loans

ATS before: 27%

ATS after: 76%

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