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Case Study

Banking, Chief Development Officer Resume

banking resume


Bill retrofitted the second-largest community bank in Florida from a “paper and envelope” firm to a digitally-enabled growth machine. After his departure, he was debating returning to investment banking where he had been a Managing Director for multiple bulge bracket firms in New York or try his hand at growing a promising startup into a successful enterprise. He wasn’t attracting the quality of conversations he felt he deserved in the marketplace and after several months of searching, enlisted our help.



Bill had such a wide variety of experience that he found it impossible to get it all on the page without guidance. We refined his search and focused collaborative rounds to gather the priority details that would lead to rapid traction.



Bill shared his resume with several C-suite recruiters and was in New York interviewing with a publicly-traded firm the following Friday. Two months later, he chose a leadership role with a growing property tech firm to fulfill his desire to enter the startup world. He received a nice pay boost.


Pay boost:


ATS before: 36%

ATS after: 81%


Title Before:

Chief Development Officer

Title After:

President, Business Development

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